System Protection

Generally most boilers will operate successfully and efficiently in most areas of the country. However there are certain areas including Bristol which experience hard water conditions.

Hard water causes scale to form within the heat exchanger of the appliance reducing efficiency and flow rate.
In areas where the hard water count exceeds 200 ppm (parts per million – you can check this with your local water company) we suggest that a scale reducing device is fitted to the incoming main. These devices are relatively inexpensive for the protection they provide.

We also recommend that any new gas central heating system, or especially a boiler replacement, should be fitted with the magnetic filter designed to remove all suspended black iron oxide deposits within the heating system’s waterways.

Even a small build up of iron oxide in a standard or high efficiency boiler can cause efficiency loss and fuel wastage and inevitably lead to costly repairs.

We have recommended and fitted Adey MagnaClean filters since their early release as they have proven a reliable and cost affective market leader in their field. MagnaClean protects the investment of your boiler from the moment it’s fitted.

We are willing to demonstrate this filter to you on request

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